Prospective PhD students

I am available to supervise PhD students at the Department of Social Sciences and the Centre for Human/Animal Studies at Edge Hill University  in the following areas:

- Sociological approaches to understanding climate change, especially in relation to food practices, gender and/or childhood.

Gender studies - broadly construed, but especially environmental dimensions, and projects related to a critical/feminist focus on masculinities. Also gendered dimensions of bodily aesthetics e.g. intersections of the sociology of the body and gender studies.

- Critical Animal Studies e.g. sociology of human/animal relations, especially the political economy of the animal agri industries, examinations of the animal-industrial complex and the sociology of veganism. 

Completed PhD students

Carmel Nolan 'Xenotransplantation ‘Politics’ from the Perspective of Lay Publics in Ireland’ (Lancaster University, 2012)

Current PhD students

Andrea Wren 'Examining the role of UK newspapers in the representation and output of messages about plant-based diets and veganism, and determining what journalistic gatekeeping occurs in this process' (Edge Hill University, 2014 - 2017)

Abi Masefield 'FEEDing the World and the Right to not be Food' (Edge Hill University, 2016 - 2020 p-t)

Eva Marie Lindahl 'Vegan art practice' (Edge Hill University, 2016 - )

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