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Hall, L (2005)
Reflections on the Masculine Hegemon: A Reply to Richard Twine
Hall, L (2005)
Review of Catherine MacKinnon's "Of Mice & Men: A Feminist Fragment on Animal Rights."
Hall, L (2004)
People for the Exploitative Treatment of Arabs?
Hall, L (2004)
Fit to be Tamed
Manion, H.K (2002)
Ecofeminism within Gender and Development
Marina, L. (2002)
Woman and the Land

Twine, R. (2001)

Ecofeminisms in Process

Matthews, H. (2001)

The Graphic Connection Between Women and the nonhuman

Delveaux, M. (2001)

Transcending Ecofeminism: Alice Walker, Spiritual Eco-womanism and Environmental Ethics

Iriart, M. (2000)

In the Shadow of the Enlightenment
Twine (1997)
Masculinity, Nature, Ecofeminism
d'Eaubonne, F. & Michel, A. (1997)
An Open Letter to the Pope
d'Eaubonne, F. (1997)
What could an Ecofeminist Society Be?